Hampton Bay Ceiling Fans

Some ceiling fans are designed to be used in both indoor and outdoor situations. Hampton Bay ceiling fans are great for use on porches, pools, screened-in patios, terraces, or in high humidity locations. Important features of indoor outdoor ceiling fans are weatherproof components such as heavy duty motors and galvanized finishes. Other essential features can include a triple capacitor for extra quiet operation and extra long lead wires. The Hampton Bay company makes a great line of ceiling fans that will work in many situations.

A ceiling fan is a fan that is attached to the ceiling of a room, usually in the center. Air is circulated by one to six rotating paddles which produces a cooling effect. The blades or the paddles are usually made of several materials including MDF, plastic, or wood. These blades are attached to the motor, either on top, under, or on the sides of the motor.

Ceiling fans can usually be used in two different ways. The most common method is by an electrial switch which reverses the direction in which the blades rotate. Generally speaking, in summer, ceiling fans are set so that air is blown downward for cooling. In winter, it is preferable to use ceiling fans to draw air upwards, typically clockwise, which takes cool air from the lower levels in the room and pushes it to the ceiling. This, in turn, pushes the warm air downward so that people can benefit.

While Hampton Bay makes premium ceiling fans, some prominent brands of ceiling fans include the following companies’ products: Bayshore, Bayside, Lafayette, Weatherford, Woodcrest, and Monte Carlo. Prices generally range from about $100 to $500.