Tips on Ceiling Fan Installation

I myself, like a lot of other peole, am not handyman. I do have some basic skills, yet there are people don’t even know which part of the hammer to hold. Usually, each ceiling fan has an owner’s manual that is easy to follow and even has illustrations to further aid you in the installation.

Here are some other handy tips when thinking of tackling a project on your own:

  1. Always use protective gear. It’s always better to be safe than sorry especially in regards to working with tools.
  2. It is important to not deviate from the instructions. Taking shortcuts can result in haphazard workmanship.
  3. Another important principle is that , when in doubt- Don’t. It’s better to ask for help or call in an expert for hire than to possibly damage your fan or hurt yourself due to inexperience.

Basic instructions on ceiling fan installation

  1. Be sure that adequate blade clearance is available
  2. VIP: Turn off the power to the light’s circuit breaker and remove the light fixture.
  3. Install junction box, if it is next to the joist, fasten it to the joist.
  4. Assemble the fan. Follow the specific instructions that comes with the unit.
  5. Install the hanger pipe by placing it into its hole on top of the motor. The wires are then pulled through in the center.
  6. Attach the fan blades. Place the motor unit on a stable area. Sometimes the foam packing from the packaging in the box makes a perfect stabilizer.